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March 17, 2005


Chanly Smann

time would just loop until, humans finnaly decide that facing the truth and diverging from the endless loop would or might actually set them upon the road to a greater and quite possibly be the only true timestream to exist anyway. What im trying to say is, is for the loop to end and create a new and unique timeline, the 3 would decide to remember everything and hopefully through their experince during the whole ordeal find out something about themselves. To cease blaming all their faults in their human natures, forget that junk people...humans can be so much more if they give up the pretense of human flaws, the human is flawed because they believe themselves to be, while the mind in its infinite expance knows no boundry. To sum it all up. Stop thinking like a human and start acting like the A.I. you are supposed to be.

Matt Hutson

Maybe your intelligence is artificial but mine isn't.

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