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September 15, 2005


Sex Furniture

There are lots of fun pieces of sex furniture available today. I own a sex swing and love the variety of sex positions it offers. I also like my sex pillow and the bondage sex chair.

Sex Furniture

Seriously, if you want real sex furniture, has the best. And you can actually have real sex on it.

Matt Hutson

Seriously? Real sex? That sounds great, Sir Spamalot, but do you have a discount line of furniture for those satisfied with simple dry humping?


Oh yeah! sex on a bean bag is always fun and funky...

Mr. Smalls

Regarding small penis sex positions, they have been around for quite a while. Even the Kama Sutra mentions them. Small penis sex positions are basically deep penetration positions.

They are helpful for men not so endowed.

Sex Toys

Hey, nice job on the blog here. Some good ideas. Keep up the good work.

James Addison

Its so interesting topic.Sex on a bean bag is always fun and funky.Thanks so much.


I do wonder if the site in question has increased its conversion rate by bringing in the animations. Personally I think it looks great, but from a business point of view I can see loads of people being more interested in the animations than in the products themselves.


might try this tonight hehe interestin post over at . . .

Angel Wings Sex Chair

Maybe its just me, but I would have thought the kind of people that need to be SHOWN how to have sex on a piece of furniture - probably aren't the sort of people that WOULD?? Or maybe they just lack imagination ;)


That's right! The only reason we buy furniture is to have sex on it! lol! The only reason we have hands is to use sex toys

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