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November 03, 2005



okay.. but what's he really saying there?

That he would wish to appear as a footnote to Bowie or that he would like Bowie to appear as a footnote to NIN,

'cause one I'm - like, yeah okay maybe Bowie was a big influence on Nine Inch Nails and the other, it's a little harder to see where the influence would be.

But maybe that's because I am of the opinion that no-one influenced David Bowie except (maybe) Lou Reed.

But see like, I know how to use like, in a sentence.

Nathanael Matthias Weiss

I'm crossing my fingers that Trent Reznor is a complete liar.. that somewhere inside him he believes his career will amount to more than just a footnote. Why do "great" people have to, like, down-play themselves?

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