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February 16, 2006



Reminds me of a segment on The Daily Show awhile back, where Jon Stewart was questioning an ID proponent, and asked her "so....explain...the scrotum."


#1/ At 12 years old I thought breasts were a prime example of un-intelligent design.

Some might argue otherwise, but holy christ did those two unneccesary appendages fuck with my softball career in grade 8. I couldn't run the bases anymore, because I was too embarrassed (don't even mention sports bra - it helps- but not enough in grade 8).

My softball lovin' friends and I had this idea whereby you didn't get hooters until you were sexually active thereby adding incentive to the "don't get pregnant in your teens" school of thought and providing us with long-lived happy (if virginal) baseball careers.

also arms when you're sleeping on your side where to put them?

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