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February 22, 2006



Mice can tell us so much. About each other.

"Reynold likes to use the wheel most days".

How much do mice utilize their auditory pathways?


If I had my choice I don't know if I would have picked rats as a totem animals for all humanity. Rats are gross and creepy its hard to ascribe noble aspirations to their sneaky little lives.

ps; I had a dream that I was msn-ing with sheryl crow last night.

rave clothing

quite a nice little article. i myself am quite often surrounded by the stereotypical e-tard. HA! suprisingly though, there are a few ravers that are quite intelligent....but then again, those arent the ravers twirling glowsticks while sucking on a blinking pacifier int he corner.

as far as this mice situation. what ever happened to monkeys? cant they do these tests on a creature that has a little bit more substance?

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