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May 03, 2005



Please find a way to host that video. Or send it on over! This needs to be seen in its entirety


I was there @ Light that night....I remember thinking that it was rare enough to see those two together, but that scene was defnitely off the hook...


I'm more "like whoa" than Black Rob right now.

I'm trying to be at the reunion, but it is still up in the air.


Not the best quality but a truly memorable moment.

You gotta send the clip to Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio and have him phone Barkley up, to explain the clip. You know Patrick has spanked some large black man before.

Real or not (there is going to be plausible denial because its two black men from far and its dark), getting him to comment on the clip it should be hilarious.
Dont forget the queer patrick introductions: since you have to say your name, height and weight when you call in to the show, throw in your penis size, seems to me that's the next thing they'll ask.
Teflon Mike has been able to slip under the radar with his gambling and whoring around on the wife (I'd love to be her lawyer: TAKE HALF!) for decades but the internet isnt as forgiving. Who know, he might pull a Severina and ask everyone to delete that clip ;-)



Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley dancing in a this is so funny.


What happens in Vegas stays on the Internet forever.

Freedom Fighter

A little part of my childhood has just died...SO un-Hoobastank.

they were just jokeing you dumb fuck

Lisa Miceli

Bigger IS better, huh fellas?? LOL!!


^^^this bitch is crazy! ^^^
Lisa Miceli aka "MJ's very own Billie Jean"


Thanks cool


favorited this one, brother

playboy >playboy girls naked I aint here? They had resigned that my ass outta dis door, them in relationships.


MJ and Charles Barkley..great baskeball players..sorry they never played together (and I am not counting the Dream Team..just the clubs)...anyway seems like they were a lot better as players than dancers :)

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