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September 13, 2005



in canada,when I was growing up, we had a show called Dr.snuggles, about a doctor who flew around in a ship made out of what looked like a converted beer keg solving problems.

the episode I remember with the most awe involved water disapearing from oceans, and the way dr snuggy solved it was; He found the frightened water in the caves where it had hidden and then dumped it back into the ocean in large shimmering cubes of ice, hung from calipers on the bottom of his barrel-rocket.

Maybe this is where the inspriation for the email came from? It looks easy when a rotund prsumably hard drinking scientist named after a baby-carrier does it.

Matt Hutson

Coming soon: Operation SnuggleFury.


because I am a canadian and we have to do everything in two languages I have taken the liberty of translating snuggle fury into french (thankyou altavista babelfish)

Opération: Fureur De Snuggle

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