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October 11, 2005



micheal moore did an episode of tv nation about a dog who had an obsessive relationship to a log..

the dog was eventually given prozac so he could break the logs hold on his pysche.

It's okay I guess, just so long as we leave meditating up to humans.

I didn't think animals had the capacity to demonstrate neurotic behaviour until I adopted the family dog and realized she's a giant bag of nerves.

ps: I don't think anything humans do is natural anymore, that's why we like nature shows, it's all nostalgia.

Matt Hutson

I think everyone, pets included, could use a little more TLC, and a little less serotonin reuptake. Your dog, Miriam, could maybe use some Beano to boot.


watch what you say about lola...

(okay I started it)

.. the beano idea has merit.

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